Drift Besties

Drift Besties

***PLEASE ALLOW 8-12 days for processing***
Product Specs:

Laminated Outdoor Rated
UV Resistant
Satin Finish

Weather Resistant

Application Instructions:

Clean area of any dirt, grime, oil and/or residue
After surface is cleaned, wipe down with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol to remove any cleaning residue or oil
Wash hands and then apply a little rubbing alcohol to finger to remove any oils from skin

Remove sticker from backing and apply to surface
Use a squeegee with cloth, or use your finger with cloth over it to press the sticker all over to properly adhere the sticker 

Application Notes:

Do not apply below 50 degrees without heat, you need a little bit of heat for all stickers to stick
Surface prep and clean hands will ensure longevity of adhesion of all stickers (not just ours)
Cleaning solutions, solvents and window cleaner will leave behind a residue that may weaken the adhesion of the sticker to surface
Oils and residue in general will weaken the adhesion of the sticker 

Shipping Info:

Ships within 72 hours
US Shipments will be through USPS First Class mail. Usually takes about 5 to 12 business days.  With recent events and holidays we have seen it go much longer.  Please reach out to us with any questions
If you are outside of the US and you do not see your country listed, please let us know through the contact us page and we will update the shipping options within 24 hours